Sunny and the Ghosts

Sometimes, when you open a door or lift a lid, you find exactly what you expected to find: coats in the coat cupboard, bread in the bread bin, toys in the toy box. And sometimes you don’t.

When Sunny’s parents buy an antique shop, they get more than they bargained for: in some of the old furniture, Sunny finds ghosts. Each of the ghosts has an unfulfilled desire, something they never did in their lifetime: Walter wants to learn to read, Violet wants to write a novel, Mary and Elsie want to go to the seaside. While Sunny is trying to help them all, it seems someone else is out to cause trouble…

‘This is a gentle, intelligent and warm novel about friendship and imagination for children of seven and up.’ Philip Womack, Literary Review


Sunny and the Hotel Splendid

Sometimes, a sound in an empty room is just a breeze coming in through an open window, billowing a curtain, toppling a vase, scattering some papers, slamming a door. And sometimes it’s not.

On the hottest day of the year, Ana Sharma and her mum check in to the Hotel Splendid, a place where bells seem to ring all by themselves, jam pots and milk jugs appear on the breakfast table as if by magic, and things go bump in the night. The Hotel Splendid has a problem. When Ana and Sunny meet, they come up with a solution, but one problem leads to another. Meanwhile, the hotel is harbouring an unexpected guest…

‘This fabulous fiction book…was gripping and I could not stop reading it until I finished.’ Sasha, Big Issue North (kids’ takeover issue)


Sunny and the Wicked Lady

Sometimes, a story you read or hear will be total fiction, pure fantasy, make believe, a fabrication, a fable, a yarn. And sometimes it won’t.

A notoriously scary ghost is supposed to haunt the ruined medieval castle where Sunny and his friends are spending the day. But when a troubling visitor arrives at the antique shop, it turns out the danger is closer to home than they thought…

‘The language and structure of the story are perfectly pitched to engage young readers… Indeed, there is plenty to entertain readers of all ages. The adventures related are enhanced by the wonderful illustrations. Along with the previous books in the series, this is a story of bravery and friendship that I highly recommend.’ Jackie Law, Never Imitate


The books are available from Salt Publishing and other booksellers